Special Education Indicators  

Local School System Results for Special Education
Maryland: Indicator 11 

Percent of children who were evaluated within 60 days of receiving parental consent for initial evaluation or; if the State establishes a timeframe within which the evaluation must be conducted, within that timeframe.

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Narrative Description of Indicator

In accordance with the OSEP Part B Measurement Table, a State may factor out the §300.301(d) exceptions and State timeline exceptions from both the numerator and denominator. Federal and State timeline exceptions include:

  • Parent repeatedly failed or refused to make child available [§300.301(d)(1)]
  • Student enrolled after the 60-calendar day time frame has started and prior to determination by the previous public agency. Receiving LEA made sufficient progress to complete evaluation, and to a specific time to complete the evaluation (All conditions must be met.) parent and LEA agreed [300.301(d)(2) and (e)]; and
  • Parent requests a delay and the timeline is extended by mutual written agreement [COMAR 13A.05.01.04A(4)]
  • Inclement weather - Acceptable Reason

Other Data for this Indicator
A total of 20,934 or 98.64% of evaluations were completed within 60 calendar days of parental consent for evaluation. Local school systems and public agencies reported an "Acceptable Reasons for Delay" beyond the 60 days from date of parental consent for evaluation.  A total of 289 students did not receive evaluations within 60 calendar days of the parent consent for evaluation. Unacceptable reasons for delay included:  Paperwork error; Inconclusive testing results; Child not available (not parent failure)/child refusal; Staffing issue; and other reason(s).

In order to more closely analyze the root causes for delay, the Division collects data on the number of days beyond 60 days in which there were unacceptable reasons for delay (388). The range of days for all reasons are as follows:

  • 172 (59.69%) - 1 day to 15 days
  • 86 (29.64%) - 16 to 45 days
  • 31 (10.67%) - beyond 45 days