Early Intervention Services Indicators  

Local Infants and Toddlers Program Results for Early Intervention Services
Maryland: Indicator 5 

Percent of infants and toddlers birth to 1 with IFSPs compared to national data.

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Narrative Description of Indicator

Based on data provided by OSEP on www.ideadata.org, the 24 LITPs provided early intervention services to 1.68% of the Maryland 2018 resident birth to one-year-old population and met the state target of providing early intervention services to 1.55% of the Maryland 2018 resident birth to one-year-old population. The percentage of children birth-to one-year of age receiving early intervention services in Maryland increased from 1.53% in FFY 2017 to 1.68% in FFY 2018.  Compared to national data, Maryland provided early intervention services to 0.43% more children birth to one year of age than the national baseline of 1.25% and ranked 13th among the 50 States and U.S. territories.

Seventeen of the 24 LITPs met the State target for the percentage of birth to one year old children receiving early intervention services.  Efforts were made throughout the State to increase public awareness of the program, especially with primary health care providers, in an attempt to increase the number of referrals from both parents and providers.  If the State target was not met, LITPs were required to develop and implement improvement plan strategies and, as necessary, received technical assistance from MSDE.