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Indicators: State of Maryland

Early Intervention Services:

1Percent of infants and toddlers with Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs) who receive the early intervention services on their IFSPs in a timely manner. View Result
2Percent of infants and toddlers with IFSPs who primarily receive early intervention services in the home or in programs with typically developing children. View Result
3Percent of infants and toddlers with IFSPs who demonstrate improvement. View Result
4Percent of families participating in Part C who report that early intervention services have helped the family. View Result
5Percent of infants and toddlers birth to 1 with IFSPs compared to national data. View Result
6Percent of infants and toddlers birth to 3 with IFSPs compared to national data. View Result
7Percent of eligible infants and toddlers with IFSPs for whom an evaluation and assessment and an initial IFSP meeting were conducted within Part C’s 45-day timeline. View Result
8Percent of all children exiting Part C who received timely transition planning to support the child’s transition to preschool and other appropriate community services by their third birthday. View Result
9OLD 9: General supervision system (including monitoring, complaints, hearings, etc.) identifies and corrects noncompliance as soon as possible but in no case later than one year from identification. OLD 9 View Result
10OLD 10: Percent of signed written complaints with reports issued that were resolved within 60-day timeline or a timeline extended for exceptional circumstances with respect to a particular complaint. OLD 10 View Result
11OLD 11: Percent of fully adjudicated due process hearing requests that were fully adjudicated within the applicable timeline. OLD 11 View Result
12NEW 9: (Formerly Indicator 12) Percent of hearing requests that went to resolution sessions that were resolved through resolution session settlement agreements (applicable if Part B due process procedures are adopted). NEW 9 View Result
13NEW 10: (Formerly Indicator 13) Percent of mediations held that resulted in mediation agreements. NEW 10 View Result
14OLD 14: State reported data (618 and State Performance Plan and Annual Performance Report) are timely and accurate. OLD 14 View Result