Early Intervention Services Indicators  

Local Infants and Toddlers Program Results for Early Intervention Services
Maryland: Indicator 6 

Percent of infants and toddlers birth to 3 with IFSPs compared to national data.

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Narrative Description of Indicator

Based on data provided by OSEP on www.ideadata.org, Maryland provided early intervention services to 3.86% of the 2017 Maryland resident birth to three-year-old population of children and met the State target of providing early intervention services to 3.20% of the Maryland 2017 resident birth to three-year-old population.  Compared to national data, Maryland provided early intervention services to 0.60% more children birth to three years of age than the national baseline and ranked 15th among the 50 States and the U.S territories. 
Twenty-one of Maryland’s 24 LITPs met the State target of 3.20% of the percentage of birth to three-year-old children receiving early intervention services.  Meeting the State target is attributed to State/local targeted public awareness activities, including collaboration with local childcare providers, physicians, hospitals, audiologists, and local departments of social services.  Another contributing factor is increased knowledge of many parents, as a result of popular media activities on the importance of the early childhood years in preparing a child for school.  If the State target was not met, LITPs were required to develop and implement improvement plan strategies and, as necessary, received technical assistance from MSDE.